2021 Plant Swap

Announcing the return of the SHCA Plant Swap!

Gardeners dropping off plants in 2009



Gardeners, grab your trowels and get ready for the SHCA Plant Swap!
What is a Plant Swap you ask? It is where you can exchange chunks of perennials that have outgrown your garden for ones from your neighbour’s gardens.

When: Saturday, May 29th from 10:00am-Noon.
Where: At the SHCA Hockey Rink, 489 Sienna Park Green

How will it work? Dig up any perennials/shrubs/plants in your yards that are too large or you don’t want any more. Put them in a container (a black pot from the gardening centre is nice if you have it!), label it with the name of the plant, if you can, and bring it to the Plant Swap.  When you arrive, you will exchange your plant (s) for tickets. You will get between 1-3 tickets depending on the quality of your plant. Then you can go looking… you can exchange your tickets for new plants for your yard.

All COVID restrictions will be in place for this event. We ask that you wear a mask, adhere to social distancing rules and not hang around after you have

swapped their plants. Numbers will be controlled moving in and out of the Hockey Rink area to ensure social distancing.

What happens if I have lots of plants to donate, but don’t need any back?
Wonderful! We welcome donations, you will be given tickets and instead of trading

plants, you can enter them into a door prize draw.

What happens if I don’t have anything to donate but would still like to have a look?
We will be selling tickets at the event as well, so if you don’t have enough tickets to get the plant you want, you can buy some. All proceeds will go to the Community Association, to help us continue to run events like this in the future.

Do I have to be a Community Association Member to participate in this event?
No, you don’t, but we would like to encourage you to become a member to continue to support events like this. Go to SHCA.ca to become a member.

Can I come back to the Plant Swap more than once, as long as I am not hanging around?
Yes, the no hanging around rule is to comply with

Thanks to the sign maker! (2009)

the COVID restrictions.

If you have any black garden centre pots you would like to donate, they are welcome!

Happy Gardening Everyone!

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