Sunday, May 6, 2018, 9am-1pm

This year we're partnering with the SCA (Strathcona Christie & Aspen) Community Association for a massive Community Clean-Up. The event will be held at the SCA Community Center (277 Strathcona Drive SW).

Drop off is free for SHCA and SCA CA members.  For non-members, a fee will apply for paper shedding and car seat recycling.  Items will be limited to one vehicle-load per family.

Items being collected include:

Electronics Recycling

Consumer Electronics (gaming consoles, iPods and mp3 players, stereo equipment, etc)
Desktop Computers (PC & Mac, monitors, parts, motherboards, etc)
Handheld devices (smart phones, cell phones, tablets, etc)
Laptops (PC & Mac, docking stations, parts, cables, etc)
Printers (Inkjet & Laserjet, plotters, copiers, scanners, fax machines, etc)
Peripherals (Keyboards, mice, CD/DVD roms, cards, accessories, etc)
Phone Systems
Racks and miscellaneous (Server racks, lab equipment, disk arrays, etc)
Servers (Rack mount, stand alone, all brands, etc)
Software (operating system, editing, design, etc)
Specialty items (Cisco networking, switches, routers, etc)
Bikes for Humanity

Paper Shedding *must have a current membership to use this service*

Metal Recycling

Car Seat Recycling *must have a current membership to use this service*

Waste & Compost Trucks (City of Calgary)
WASTE & COMPOST TRUCKS WILL NOT ACCEPT: tires, home appliances, paint, household chemicals, propane tanks, microwaves, car batteries, home electronics, liquids, metals, glass, railroad ties

Salvation Army
Clothing & Household items including: housewares, furniture, toys, media & books, accessories, antiques & collectibles

Golf Balls

Large Appliances
Sports equipment
Cardboard (please use your blue box)

Volunteers are needed to help un-load vehicles and to direct traffic.  Follow the link if you can help:

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