Community Clean-Up

Signal Hill Community Association “Community Clean-Up”

Stay tuned! The date for our annual Signal Hill Community Association Community Clean-Up for 2018 will be announced soon. 

The event will be held at the parking lot at Battalion Park (beside the outdoor rink). This event provides you with the opportunity to dispose of items that are building up in your basement, garage or yard at no cost (except for Car Seats, please see below).

General Waste

The waste must be separated into:

a)      Organic material that can be composted (grass, sod, wood, branches etc.)

b)      Non-organic items (plastics, metal, shingles, furniture, etc.)

Car Seats – Kidseat Recyclers will be on site accepting car seats at a reduced rate of $8 per child seat for the recycling levy.

Electronics – Techno Trash will collect electronics and computer related equipment (TVs, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, printers, fax machines, laptops, wires, cables, cell phones, etc.).

Metals – Recon Metals will collect metal items (bed frames, stoves, washing machines, dryers, lawn mowers, old barbecues, car batteries, rechargeable batteries, electrical wire and copper plumbing).

Salvation Army will be with us to collect donations of gently used items, such as clothing, toys and games, small appliances, furniture, housewares, books, knick knacks, figurines, antiques and collectibles.

Gina Eaton with the Syrian Refugee Support Group will be collecting gently used bikes for donation. With the support of volunteer mechanics and The Calgary Tool Library, the “bikelady” has given away more than 600 bikes to newcomers to be used for transportation needs and the joy of ridership for the children of war.  

“Please note that if you plan to bring heavier items like stoves, washing machines etc. that you are responsible to bring your own help to off-load these items”.

 Community volunteers will be on hand to direct traffic. Unacceptable or inappropriate items will be turned away and no items can be left at the site.

Items that will not be accepted include:

  • Fridges, Freezers, Power tools (irons, microwaves  etc.)
  • Tires, Propane tanks, Paint, Liquids, Household chemicals, Alkaline batteries
  • Windows, Glass
  • Railway ties


The event is held with the support of the City of Calgary’s Waste & Recycling Services and Animal & Bylaw Services.