In recent months, the Calgary Police Service has noticed a slight increase in car prowlings and break and enter crimes in the Signal Hill Community. These crimes have involved the stealing of bikes, electrical goods, sports equipment, and even small change. In a high percentage of these cases, the vehicles were left unlocked and/or garages were insecure and man doors unlocked. Valuables and other property have been left on view in vehicles and in open garages before being taken. Also there is a clear link between vehicles being prowled and the garage opener being stolen then used to enter the garage. This is very popular with offenders and can easily be avoided through implementing crime prevention strategies.

As a property owner you have a responsibility to keep your property safe and secure. The Calgary Police Service has been successful in arresting offenders through proactive investigations and this stems the activities for a while but then soon after the crimes start to go up again. We have assigned extra patrol resources into communities, fanned out media strategies, attended community events and meetings and used social media to get the message across. We cannot drop our guard and with simple prevention tips we can reduce the instances of these crimes happening. We have received amazing information from the community to assist us in dealing with this criminal activity but we are still seeing common mistakes that are allowing and assisting offenders to target the Signal Hill Community and create victims of crime.

Here are some crime prevention tips to help make you and your property safer and reduce the risk of being a victim of crime:

Please check our new Community Safety page for lots of crime prevention tips.

-Signal Hill Community Association

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