Membership Options

>>>  NOTICE:  Thank you for your interest in a SHCA membership. Unfortunately we are experiencing some technical challenges with our website, including non-functioning of our online membership and payment features. We are developing a new website and membership system, and have decided not to implement a temporary process in the meantime. When this project is completed, we will provide a broad community communication with updated information, and ask you to join at that time.  <<<

$10 Annual Family Community Membership

SHCA membership fees are only $10 per family to encourage as many residents as possible to be involved. We are currently planning a definitive list of activities for this year that will be free to our community members.

  • Weather permitting, the rink will be open soon
  • 2019 Parade of Garage Sales (Saturday, September 7, 2019)
  • Community Clean Up Day Drop Off (Sunday, September 8, 2019)
  • And everything listed below …

What the Community Association Does

  1. To provide for sports or recreational programs, leisure or social activities, facilities or
    local improvements within or near the community (as defined by the boundaries set
    forth in the bylaws from time to time) and to administer such programs, activities,
    improvements or facilities and conduct such programs; to establish liaisons between or
    among the community and others, including the Government of Alberta, the City of
    Calgary and the Calgary Police Service; to acquire and provide facilities for the various
    activities of the community, including sporting, recreational, social and leisure activities;
    and to foster, through the provision of services or funds, the development or operation
    of other recreational facilities in or near the community.
  2. To promote the interests of the community;
  3. To provide, maintain or operate sports, athletic, social or recreational facilities including
    rinks and sports fields;
  4. To promote sponsor, organize, operate or provide athletics, arts, recreation or
    education programs;
  5. To promote, sponsor or provide for social services to the community;
  6. To sponsor, organize or operate community festivals, cultural, musical or recreational
  7. To promote cooperation among parents and teachers;
  8. To promote or provide assistance to parents, teachers, school boards or schools in the
    delivery of extra-curricular programs or in the provision of educational or play facilities;
  9. To encourage or organize support for schools and education;
  10. To operate plant exchanges or provide or facilitate horticultural matters or facilities in
    the community;
  11. To participate in regional committees including youth justice committees;
  12. To prepare, obtain, make or submit to anyone reports, submissions or other input with
    respect to land development, land improvement, land use, development, permits,
    building permits, licences, traffic issues or school issues;
  13. To operate, sponsor or provide programs, information or facilities for parents and
    children including child care, child exercise, parenting skills, family support, or
    information on social services;
  14. To publish a community newsletter, informational pamphlets, brochures or other
  15. To sponsor or organize conferences or meetings on issues of concern or interest
    within the community.

Food for Thought

With the traditional definition being somewhat outdated and the term being used broadly by marketers, brands, entrepreneurs, event organizers, social media managers etc. in so many ways, we are missing out on the true power that “real” communities can have.

We need to update what “community” means in today’s world. And maybe we’ll have to find ways to differentiate between different kinds of communities. As there is no singular figure of authority in this space, we think this will best happen as a series of conversations among community builders from our own community right here in Signal Hill. What does community mean to you?