Membership Options

A Signal Hill Community Association (SHCA) membership supports the activities of our community such as:

1- Communicate with the City of Calgary to make sure their decisions will positively impact the Signal Hill community

2- Communicate with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) to protect our community school system

3- Arrange community events like Garage Sales, Plant exchange, Stampede events, Arrange community events, Manage and maintain the rink, support building and adjacent park on Sienna Park Drive for the recreation and enjoyment of all Signal Hill residents

4- Plan and arrange new community developments and enhancements

5- Engage and represent residents on community policies like secondary suites, rezoning of properties and businesses, etc.

Your Signal Hill Community Association liaisons with other groups which are in a position to provide services for the community such as:

1- Calgary Parks and Recreation

2- Other surrounding communities and the Federation of Calgary Communities.

3- Signal Hill businesses

Your SHCA also communicates concerns and community points-of-view to various stakeholders and officials, and helps support new initiatives that benefit the residents of our community. To protect your rights and reflect your concerns, we need input and help from all the Signal Hill residents.


The cost for yearly membership is $25, and is paid online, safely and securely through PayPal. By signing up, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Sign up now!