HelloSignal Hill Neighbours
For this early fall edition, I would like to provide a few brief highlights on some key summer events, along witha
look at what’s coming up for your boardover the rest of the year.

Avenue Magazine –Signal Hill 4th Best Neighborhood

If you haven’t already seen the results of Avenue Magazine’s 2018 “Best Neighbourhood” survey, you will be
pleased to hear that Signal Hill ranked 4th this year out of over 180 Calgary neighbourhoods–up from 5th in 2017.
Key factors in theranking were parks & pathways, access to amenities and a safe place to live with low crime.
These are all areas that your community association keepsin mind when establishing its business plan and

annual goal updates. To view the full survey details and results, refer to https://www.avenuecalgary.com/Best-

Hopefully you’ve had a chance over the summer to see all the activity associated with the Pedalheads Bike
Camps going on at our rink area on Sienna Park Dr. This organization has provided funding support to the
community, as well as bringing a productive and fun demonstration of how the communitycan assist its
residents –particularly the kids. Both kids and parents enjoyed our park and activity areas.

Pickleball Survey Update
In the August issue I asked for anyone potentially interested in seeing Pickleball made available
as part of our facilities to contact me. While the response level was relatively small in terms of
the total size of our community, it was one of the most popular topics on which we’ve received
feedback. We will continue to develop plans and seek additional input on the potential to offer
access to this fast-growing sport next year.

Board of Directors Fall Plan
Your board of directors will be reconvening on September 12th. Key areas of focus for the fall include integrating
potential new members that responded to my requests over the summer, continuing to progress our 2018 goals
as per the Business Plan(available on our website) and preparingfor the Annual General Meeting to be held in

Keep In Touch

Stay tuned to our website –shca.ca –for the latest news and events. If you would like to become part of our e-
mailing list so that we can inform you directly of specific developments or items of interest, and occasionallyseek

yourinput on potential plans or events, please use the area at the top of the Home page to simply submit your
email address. We will only use it for community association-related communication, and you can unsubscribe
at any time. As always, any feedback, ideas or concerns, please send me a note at president@shca.ca

Brian Lawrence
Signal Hill Community Association

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