The Tri-Community Clean-up Event was a great success!

For the first time, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill and Discovery Ridge Community Associations joined forces to host a Community Clean-up event on Saturday April 30. It was a great success! We had more people with loads of items coming through than we could even have predicted. Some people came through with 3 and 4 loads! We can now all be grateful for all the extra room we have in our basements and yards.

On site were tire, metal, bottle and electronic recyclers, Cerebral Palsy for household items, in addition to the City of Calgary waste and sanitation department with their 3 dump trucks.

We have many people to thank for making the day a success!


We thank;


The City of Calgary Waste and Sanitation Team for being on site and working non-stop. We filled 5 dump trucks with garbage! It was totally amazing how much could be compacted into one truck. Seeing full couches, toilets, and mattresses being mashed up in the back of those trucks kept many of us entertained.

The Westside Kings Church for allowing us to use their parking lot. Without the space and the ease of traffic control we could not have served so many residents! What an amazing space!

Tim Hortons for supplying us with morning coffee and donuts! Delicious and very much appreciated!

TELUS for supplying us with delicious sandwiches for lunch! A busy morning of helping unload cars and trucks made us all quite hungry! Thank you!

The Scout Troop, the students from Rundle College and from Sir Winston Churchill. We could not have kept the lines moving or the site as clean as we did without all of your help! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

All the community volunteers that helped make this happen. This includes the team that organized, Rhonda, Andrei and Laurel, and the residents that stepped up to help on the day of the event! We could not do this without our community associations and their volunteers.



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