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Epilepsy Awareness Month and Purple Day March 26!

The SHCA is proud to support the Epilepsy Association of Calgary by shining our rink lights in bright Purple on March 26. See more information about Epilepsy Awareness Month and Purple Day on March 26.

Shine a light on Epilepsy! 1 in 100 people in our province are living with an epilepsy diagnosis. That’s about 65,000 individuals facing unique challenges, including 5,000 children. At the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, we provide vital support, education, and advocacy to empower those affected by epilepsy. We’re here for kids too! The Epilepsy Association of Calgary supports youth programming, including Camp Fireworks, to ensure they get the care and support they deserve. Let’s raise awareness and foster understanding to support those affected. Together, we can make a difference!  Join us in turning March 26th purple for Purple Day! 💜 Show your support for epilepsy awareness by wearing your favourite shades of purple, lighting up spaces purple, indulging in a purple treat or starting a fundraiser! Share your photos using #postyourpurple. Let’s create a sea of purple together! 🤝💜  #purpleday #epilepsyawareness