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Curtis Lesperance

Technical Director

When and why did you move to Signal Hill?

In 2012, my wife and I wanted to expand to a larger house to grow our family as well as be in a safe and vibrant community close to downtown. Luckily enough it was also close to my office at the time and a school we wanted to have our kids in.

Why did you join the SHCA board?

I joined the board when there was a call out needing help with the website and technology for the board. Being my background and wanting to continue growing a great community, I joined in March 2023.

What is your motivation to stay on the SHCA board?

To continue building a community that I want to live in, be proud of, and provide some of my expertise to in situations where it’s needed.

What is your favourite activity in Signal Hill or beyond?

I love to take walks along the paths of Signal Hill, watch the sun set, or catch a good thunderstorm at the edge of the Battalion Park steps and flags. I like to get out to Sunshine snowboarding or at the lake in Invermere.